This video was posted to Youtube by Michael Weider on April 10th, 2018

All Photos as of March 27th, 2019

"When you are here, you are home!" Quote from Lilly Donohue CEO Holiday Retirement

BEFORE AND AFTER photos of the renovation of Hawaii Kai Retirement Community by Michael Weider GM, Lori S. Colwell RM, Laura Morton RM & Lilly Donohue CEO. Renovation began on September 2017 with the removal of all the framed artwork in the entire property. As of March 27th, 2019 General Manager Michael Weider & Holiday Touch Retirement improvements?

Pool And Jacuzzis

Why are the chairs with missing wheels not fixed?  Going back to February 7, 2017, under Old Business item d. Broken Chairs; states “Too many not being repaired (back dining room also and MPR).”   Why are they left all around the building?

Maintenance Issues

In the February 12, 2019 minutes under still in progress (“A” list only) #9. States: The broken windows in the dining room require a new frame.  Anyone knowing a reliable jalousie framer, please let Michael know. .  Why is management asking residents who to hire?  This issue was supposedly put to rest according to the March 11, 2017 minutes, under Old Business #5. States: DR windows have now been repaired and cleaned.  This item will be removed from future Agendas.  Sadly, the dining room windows have not been maintained and many do not open or slide open.  In the October 9, 2018 minutes under Old Business under item #6 Dining Room: (long-standing items) (d) it states: “Broken windows: Panels have been ordered. 

Broken Chairs

Why are there screens stacked in the back of the dining room?  Shouldn’t they be on the windows, that way there are less entry points for the birds. Please see photos.  At the end of the west wing on the second floor there is no screen, birds fly in through the open jalousies.  Also leaves blow in creating a pile in front of the resident’s door that lives at the end of the hallway.

Broken Screens

Roof drains, going back to February 7, 2017 minutes under Old Business item #17, page two states “ Roof drains: There is a large accumulation of debris (including growing plants)covering the drain holes.   Why is this not cleared?  This is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed.


Very Long Maintanene Wait Time For Individual Units

Roof Drains

Urine Smell In Hallway Carpet

One would think that when new management took over, these existing maintenance issues would have been resolved before starting a complete remodel.  That was not the case, as you can see throughout the minutes.    The remodel began in September 2017 , all the art work, furniture and accessories were removed so painting could begin.   On April 10, 2018, a video was released stating that the remodel was completed, and residents were happy.  The only things completed by that date were the tiles in the fountain of the lower lobby, (which had no problems and the fountain functioned fine prior the changing of the tile color).  The marble tile around the lobby elevators (which also  was just to change color, however all the other elevators in the building still have the original coral marble tile which is in great shape, but now looks out of place with the blue walls). The painting of the common areas inside of the building, excluding the stairwells, which will remain white according to management, give the building an unfinished look. There also was new furniture in the lobby, without any accessories or art work.  All the new carpet and flooring that had been promised had not been installed as of April 10, 2018.  Residents were told there was unlimited funding to complete the remodel. 

As of the January 15, 2019 minutes under STILL ON THE BOOKS- IN THE ‘A’ COLMUN, page 2, # 19 states “Gutters on many cottages (and #28) are not being repaired. Any future rain will cause even more damage.  Management said they will look into it- 8 months ago.”  February 12,2019 minutes under Still in Progress (“A” list only) #14 states: “Cottage gutters and Apt. 28: Maint. Team has seen the problems, but action is yet to come.”      Why is this still on the agenda?  It should have been repaired as soon as it was reported, over 8 months ago. 

West Wing Pathway Lights

Removal Of Artwork From Entire Property

The January 9, 2018 minutes under section 3. Cottages Report a. states “Drainage ditches for cottages 5-13 are currently clean.  Cottages 1 and 2 areas are being looked at.”  In the March 13, 2018 minutes, page 2 under Cottages Report (2) states “Standing water in the drainage ditch behind C12 and C13; (3) Bougainvillea bushes being attacked by some sort of chewing insects.

 April 13, 2018 was the flood, Cottages 1 and 2 were flooded with up to 3 feet of water into their home.  The ground floor and some of the first floor in the Makai building were also flooded as well as in the upper building.  Why are the drainage ditches not cleaned monthly?  This is part of common areas that management is responsible for.

 Could some of this flood damage been avoided had the drainage ditches been cleared once a month as requested? 

 Roof Leaks ongoing; In the March 11, 2017 minutes, page 2 under New Business item # 1. States: “Repair of water leaks in ceilings and walls; During recent heavy rains water came through Bobbie’s smoke detector; water came through the MPR ceiling; and Lou Best had water come through the walls from her lanai.  The water was removed by Maintenance, but the cause of the leaks was not repaired. February 13, 2018, minutes under GM Michael Weider’s Report item #4 Roof Leaks states “Residents reported leaks in the MPR (for over a year), and residents in the following apartments : 104, 204, and 304.  According to Council records, those problems were promised to be looked into, and roof companies were sent out a bid (last year).”   April 10, 2018 minutes under Old and New Business #3 states: “ Apartment leaks: This is now Michael’s priority.  It entails fixing the roof as well, so do not expect it to happen tomorrow.”  February 15, 2019, under Still on the Books item # 11 states; “Holes in ceiling west wing for several months.”  When will the roof be repaired?  Why is there no follow up?


Roof Leaks

The pool was drained on October 27, 2017 so repairs could be made.  Although it has been filled, there continue to be issues with the heater as of November 13, 2018. Jacuzzis repairs are ongoing dating back to October 2017.   In the January 15, 2019 minutes under STILL ON THE BOOKS-IN THE ‘’A” COMUMN  item #2 Jacuzzis: states” (although Michael moved it to the “B” column) many residents are very concerned and alarmed at the unsanitary and safety conditions at the pool and Jacuzzi in Makai.  The green algae and stagnant water that has been allowed to remain there for eight (8) months is both harmful (breeding mosquitoes) and unsightly to newcomers.  Michael’s comment at a previous meeting, that the contractor cannot be told what to do first, was boo’d by attendees.  Residents are NOT demanding that the Jacuzzi repairs be made immediately, but they be cleaned out right away. “   In the December 11, 2018 minutes   item #4 Jacuzzi: states “ Michael said “it was not safe to remove the icky, green water from the two Jacuzzis as it is not safe to have an empty Jacuzzi.” “  Residents discussed. They do not accept this rational.  They said there could be orange cones around the area and “police tape” across the area.  The gunk in the Jacuzzis breed mosquitoes and looks awful to potential residents.”   UPDATE .  In the Makai February 12, 2019 minutes under Accomplished since our last meeting; Item # 2. States “Both Jacuzzis emptied and cleaned.”  As of March 2019 the Makai Jacuzzi actually has more water due to the rain we had recently, but it was not cleaned or emptied, see updated photos.  Has the pool and Jacuzzi in the Mauka (Mountain or upper) building been fixed?  Why is it taking so long? Pool was drained on October 27, 2017 per October 30 2017 minutes.

When will the west wing pathway lights be replaced? Going back to June 6, 2017 under Old Business #1. States: “Pathway lights: The new and old lights between Cottage 1 and the west wing exit door have been out for over a week, and the exit door for light for 1 month.  Ongoing issue as of February 12, 2019 under Still in progress (“A” list only) #7. States; “Pathway lights: “sometime in February” we were told the lights would be repaired and the pathway will once again be safe for the many walkers who walk in the early morning or after dark.

 In the March 13, 2018 minutes under New Business page 2 item #18. It states: Unpleasant-smelling hallways: It was suggested the housekeepers be supplied with an air-freshening product for certain apartments.  If you are aware of the problem in your hallway, let the office  know.”

Maintenance Issues

Holes In Ceilings

Drainage Catchments Not Cleared Prior To Flood!

Landscaping Issues are ongoing with fewer groundskeepers to maintain the property.  January 9, 2018 minutes under Cottages Report b. states: “Plantings behind (and in some cases in front of) the cottages have been neglected for years in some cases.  Both Michael and Maintenance Manager Rick were present for this report and will take steps to improve those areas.”  February 13, 2018 minutes under Cottages Report #2. States:” Concerns about a safety issue by cottages 3 and 4:  The once thick hibiscus hedge is now sparse with gaps, allowing the possibility of a child falling down the steep cliff.  Intruders could easily access the property there and at the Makai property line.”  #3 states: “The hedge and shrubs by cottage 12 are still neglected, as reported last month.” 

In the November 14, 2017 minutes under #3. New Business e, states: “More reminders from Michael”:  “Do not stop housemen or maintenance men to request some assistance.  They are on a fixed schedule and will be sanctioned if they have not addressed that schedule.  USE THE SIGN UP SHEET.”   If it was addressed, then the Resident wouldn’t need to ask for assistance.  The maintenance workers used to be very visible, as they worked around the property, however now they are rarely seen as management has them working on remodeling the cottages exclusively, that were previously used for storage, with only one maintenance worker assigned to fulfill Residents individual requests for work in their respective units.  This was explained at the meeting with Lori S Colwell January 21, 2019.   How can one person handle 375 units?  Is that why work requests are taking up to a year or longer to be fulfilled?  Requesting to see the work signup sheet was denied to us.

 Holes in the ceilings going back to April 10, 2018 minutes Under Old and New Business item #7 Ceiling Holes: states “The board used to block the hole by apt. 327 has once again fallen off-fortunately when no one was underneath.”  In the March 13, 2018 minutes under Old Business #7. States; “Michael promised to have Main. Cover the hole in the hallway ceiling by apt. 147 right away.  The other hole-coverings will be done by an outside contractor, later.  There are many holes throughout the building please see photos.  When will they be repaired? 

When will the entry drive way lights be installed? Going back to the November 14, 2017 minutes under General Manager’s report on renovation progress item d. states “The very dark area at the entrance to our property will soon be well-lit with new lights and signage, to show off our entrance driveway.  There will also be new large and improved signage throughout the property (with night reflectors).”   The January 9, 2018 minutes under 1. GM Weider update on renovation: d. states: “The property entrance lights are being ordered.  For safety reasons, some temporary lights will be used at the street entrance.  No temporary lights were put up, however in December 2018 the Christmas lights were wrapped around the palm trees lining the drive way and have been left up as a temporary light solution. 

Roof Gutters

Birds in the dining room has been an ongoing issue forever. 

Driveway Lights