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All Photos as of March 27th, 2019

"When you are here, you are home!" Quote from Lilly Donohue CEO Holiday Retirement

BEFORE AND AFTER photos of the renovation of Hawaii Kai Retirement Community by Michael Weider GM, Lori S. Colwell RM, Laura Morton RM & Lilly Donohue CEO. Renovation began on September 2017 with the removal of all the framed artwork in the entire property. As of March 27th, 2019 General Manager Michael Weider & Holiday Touch Retirement improvements?



Psychological Abuse ~ Monthly Resident Council meetings that rarely resolve the issues presented. Management provides false promises, passes the buck to outside contractors that don't get hired or resolve the issues either.

Financial Abuse ~ 15 plus percent yearly rent increase is causing much concern and stress! Deceptive rent lock in program not honoring lock in rate when moving to another unit. Overcharging residents on Auto Pay and not doing anything when residents complain to the General Manager Mr. Michael Weider! 

Below are the rent increases for 2019.

Emotional Abuse ~ Not finishing the promised renovations and leaving the property in a very dysfunctional way. Half completed projects everywhere, with excuses after excuses. Management has fired all of the experienced workers that knew how to do their jobs. Poor training with new employees.

Is This Considered Elderly Abuse By Holiday Retirement ?

Physical Abuse/Neglect ~ Management has been notified of a resident who is living in an unsanitary condition for over one year! Management has yet to help this resident and family resolve this health issue!

Is This Considered Elderly Abuse By Holiday Retirement ?