This video was posted to Youtube by Michael Weider on April 10th, 2018

All Photos as of March 27th, 2019

"When you are here, you are home!" Quote from Lilly Donohue CEO Holiday Retirement

BEFORE AND AFTER photos of the renovation of Hawaii Kai Retirement Community by Michael Weider GM, Lori S. Colwell RM, Laura Morton RM & Lilly Donohue CEO. Renovation began on September 2017 with the removal of all the framed artwork in the entire property. As of March 27th, 2019 General Manager Michael Weider & Holiday Touch Retirement improvements?

At the request of the Makai Resident Council chairperson in a recent letter to a concerned family member of a resident over the many ongoing unresolved issues was asked? Quoted in that letter from the Makai Chairperson,
"sit down and write a reasonable report with facts that you say you have, and with the help of our Council, we can all get together and discuss the issues with Corp."
​This website is the reasonable report with the facts that was requested and the residents are hopeful that the new General Manager will promptly resolve these issues! Repairs will be posted at this link 
Repairs After April 2019.

We Are Hopeful That The Recent Hiring Of The New General Manager 
​Can Resolve These Many Issues Before Legal Action Is Necessary!


2012 $7.5 Million Class Action Lawsuit Awarded Against Holiday Retirement 


2016 $8.86 Million Class Action Lawsuit Awarded Against Holiday Retirement


 Holiday Touch Hawaii Kai Retirement : Before And After Renovation 

Holiday Retirement's largest community is in Hawaii Kai, Hawaii with 375 units. $5,000/approx.avg. per month rent.
​ 24+ previous months and still ongoing lack of fulfilling contractual agreement to maintain common areas.